Summer-tiiiiiimme at Lake Of The Woods

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 Jun 27th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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If there is a gamefish in Lake of the Woods that receives very little respect, it is the smallies that inhabit the waters in good numbers, more formally known as the smallmouth bass. Read More

Lake of the Woods Worth the Trip

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Getting a Plough Across the Atlantic to Lake of the Woods

The annual world ploughing competition brings together the world’s best ploughers from over 30 countries. Ploughers have just shipped their equipment to Lake of the Woods and here’s the journey Team Ireland equipment will make. Read More

Fishing Report

South end
Walleye fishing is on fire. Great catches continue both over the mud basin of Big Traverse Bay as well over the structure. Most anchored up and jigging with frozen shiners or pulling spinners with crawlers in 25-32′. If jigging slows, move around with spinners. Gold mixed with various colors or bright colors best in the stained waters.

Rainy River
Some eater walleyes coming from go to areas such as holes, current breaks and sand riffs. Trolling crankbaits this time of year a good way to locate fish. Smallmouth bass relating to rocks, bridges. Pike in and adjacent to bays and current breaks. Sturgeon season opens July 1st for the catch season.

NW Angle
Walleye fishing remains excellent. Anglers finding walleyes in transition areas between rocks and mud. Jigging, spinners and casting rocky shorelines with crankbaits all producing walleyes. Smallies in shallow rocks, shallow diving cranks effective. Many fish targeting crayfish thus orange has been good color in addition to the traditional gold/mix. Saugers, pike, and perch also in the mix. Muskie anglers showing off big fish.


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