SPRO(R) Introduces New Colors of Aruku Shad

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 Nov 18th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Nov 18th, 2021 at 8:10 AM

Kennesaw, GA (November 18, 2021) The SPRO® Aruku Shad has proven itself from coast to coast as the lipless crankbait anglers rely upon whether they’re chasing the limit of a lifetime or trying to figure out a tough bite. While the lure has been offered in a wide variety of productive patterns since its introduction, the company is widely expanding its offerings with 23 new distinctive colors for 2021-2022.

These 23 colors range from the hyper-realistic to the outrageously gaudy, allowing anglers to target a wide range of predator fish throughout the year, regardless of water clarity or forage base.

The Aruku Shad distinguishes itself from the competition, both in the package and – more importantly – in the water, with its exceptionally loud rattles and nose-down attitude. The latter enables it to come through cover cleanly and efficiently while also allowing it to stand on its nose at rest. So whether you’re burning it, yo-yoing it or using a stop-and-go retrieve, the Aruku Shad maintains its posture and tempts fish to bite.

Like all SPRO crankbaits, the Aruku Shad comes with properly sized, razor-sharp Gamakatsu trebles. Find a color that fits your needs and prepare to be amazed.

The new colors are:

Bumble Bee
Blue Gill
Blue Perch
Crawfish Gold
Chrome Purple
Craw Chartreuse
Frozen Perch
Golden Dragon
G Nugget
Golden Perch
Icy Barbie
Killer Gill
Marble Brown
Purple Perch
Pink Perch
Purple Neon
Pearl Shad
Real Perch
Rosey Perch
Red Tiger


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