Shimano Unveils the Ultimate Surf Casting Reel

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 Apr 5th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Shimano Unveils the Ultimate Surf Casting Reel

Cast Farther, Fish Longer, Fight Tougher with the New Ultegra XSE


Surf casters demand versatility and durability from their tackle. Whether throwing giant swimbaits from the rocks along the Cape Cod Canal, slinging eels in the surf in the shadow of Montauk Light, or launching chunks past the third breaker on the Outer Banks, anglers require that every piece of equipment helps them cast farther, fish longer and fight tougher. Shimano leverages over a century of design and manufacturing excellence in crafting the new Ultegra XSE spinning reel, providing peak performance in every situation and exceeding the expectations of the most passionate surf casters.

Exclusive technologies within Ultegra XSE help surf anglers cast farther and fight tougher. Ultegra XSE features Shimano’s Super Slow 5 Oscillation, which minimizes line friction by reducing oscillation speed, increasing casting distance and accuracy. Now, previously unreachable fish are well within range. Shimano’s Infinity Drive technology makes its debut in the surf reel category within Ultegra XSE. Infinity Drive features a unique low-friction bushing that significantly decreases frictional resistance and provides up to 30% more winding power under load. A proprietary surface treatment on the main shaft coupled with special processing dramatically reduces rotational resistance, yielding a reel that can actively wind even under heavy loads, helping surf casting anglers combat stubborn game fish.


Shimano engineers fortified Ultegra XSE with additional features that enhance the reel’s power and durability. An ultra-rigid CI4+ body reduces body flex and directly translates angler input into winding action. By leveraging an exclusive three-dimensional design process and eliminating cutting work on the drive gear, the cold-forged HAGANE Gear offers unparalleled durability compared to reels with diecast or machined gears. These unique features combine to provide exceptional reeling smoothness and long-lasting gear durability. The X-Ship system within Ultegra XSE maintains precise pinion gear alignment with the drive gear by supporting the pinion gear with bearings on both ends to provide increased gear durability when fighting hard-charging fish. Ultegra XSE leverages sealed S A-RB bearings and X-Protect technology for added toughness in unforgiving saltwater environments. An exclusive combination of water-repellent coatings and water-channeling labyrinth construction, Shimano’s X-Protect technology shrugs off the elements and delivers years of performance in the surf.

The ultimate surf casting reel, Shimano’s Ultegra XSE (ULT14000XSE) is available in the popular 14000 size, accommodating 330 yards of 20-pound-test monofilament and delivering the perfect combination of power, performance and durability that avid anglers demand. Look for the new Ultegra XSE at authorized Shimano dealers early this Summer with an MSRP of $214.99.

Ultegra XSE Video


Ultegra XSE Features

Infinity Drive
G-Free Body
Parallel Body
Super Slow 5 Oscillation
Propulsion Line Management System
Instant Drag
S A-RB Bearings

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