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LADSON, S.C. – ICAST 2020 Introduction – Available August ‘20 – Saltwater anglers have come to known Shimano’s Saragosa SW spinning reels for the retrieving power, toughness and strength needed for any fishing situation. The series is now enhanced with added Shimano technology and more sizes offered, providing a lineup that anglers will find more durable, offer more power, and are lighter than past generations. For inshore and offshore use, jigging for bottom fish or casting baits for sails and tuna, the new Saragosa SW reels include the 5000XG, 60000HG, 8000HG, 10000PG and 20000PG and 25000, as well as new sizes in the series with the 14000XG and 18000HG.

Knowing how both saltwater fish – and the saltwater environment – can abuse tackle, the Saragosa SW reels feature Shimano’s proven cold-forged HAGANE Gears for lasting durability and smoothness and an ultra-durable HAGANE Body. For a fish-fighting advantage, anglers can rely on Shimano’s Infinity Drive feature, where the main shaft supporting structure eliminates friction within the pinion gear for great winding power under load. Shimano’s X-Protect water resistance and intrusion feature, an IPX8-rated waterproof HAGANE Body and waterproof Cross Carbon drag provide long-lasting durability for season-after-season use.

“With these enhancements to the Saragosa SW reels, anglers can expect even more from our proven Saragosa SW reels,” said Tristin Poole with Shimano’s product development team. “Being able to bring Shimano technology found on flagship Stella SW and TwinPower SW reels like Infinity Drive and X-Protect and combining it with our HAGANE Gear and HAGANE Body, all boils down to a reel lineup anglers can count on… like they always have.”
Reeling in 41-inches of line per turn with its ‘XG’ 6.2:1 gear ratio, the Saragosa SW 5000XG handles up to 245-yards of 20-pound test PowerPro braid or 240-yards of 10-pound test mono. The 6000HG retrieves in 41-inches of line per turn with its ‘HG’ 5.7:1 gear ratio and has the spool capacity for 295-yards of 30-pound test PowerPro or 265-yards of 12-pound mono.

With a versatile speed 5.6:1 gear ratio ideal for surf action, inshore jigging, and slower action techniques, the Saragosa SW 8000HG retrieves 42-inches of line per turn and handles 265-yards of 50-pound test PowerPro or 250-yards of 16-pound test mono. With its powerful ‘PG’ 4.9:1 gear ratio, the10000PG cranks in 40-inches of line per turn and holds up to 290-yards of 65-pound test PowerPro or 220 yards of 20-pound mono.

One of the new sizes to the Saragosa SW line-up, the XG-geared 14000XG is ideal for casting pencil baits and for deep jigging as it pulls in 53-inches of line per turn. It has the spool capacity to handle 315-yards of 65-pound test PowerPro or 260-yards of 20-pound mono. The other new size, the 18000HG, quickly reels in 51-inches of line per crank with its 5.7:1 gear ratio and holds up to 440-yards of 65-pound test PowerPro or 340-yards of 25-pound mono.

For when bluewater action calls, Shimano completes the Saragosa line-up with the 20000PG and 25000, both with powerful 4.4:1 gear ratios. The 20000PG cranks in 41-inches per turn with a spool holding 400-yards of 80-pound test PowerPro or up to 380-yards of 25-pound mono. Reeling in 52-inches of line per turn, the Saragosa 25000 handles 440-yards of 100-pound PowerPro or 490-yards of 25-pound test mono.

According to Shimano’s Poole, depending on the targeted species and budget, there’s the right reel to match up any of the Saragosa SW available in Shimano’s new Trevala PX rods, along with the Grappler and Terez series.
For more information on the new Saragosa SW 5000XG, 6000HG, 8000HG, 1000PG, 14000XG, 18000PG, 20000PG and 25000 spinning reels, now featuring Infinity Drive and X-Protect, visit the Shimano web site at http://fish.shimano.com where you can also buy them locally from your nearest dealer.

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