SHIMANO: Conquer Inshore Waters with Teramar PX Southeast

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 May 27th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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SHIMANO: Conquer Inshore Waters with Teramar PX Southeast

Form Meets Function in Dynamic New Inshore Rod Offering

Welcome to the marsh, where the breeze rustles the Rosseau cane as innocent morning clouds coalesce and gives birth to afternoon downpours. The smell of salt hangs in the air as tailing reds feast on shrimp fleeing from around oyster bars. Pelicans hurl themselves into nervous schools of mullet while packs of speckled seatrout and jack crevalles attack from below. This place teems with life both above and below the water’s surface, and beckons anglers to test their mettle — and their tackle — on every trip. New for 2021, Shimano introduces the series of rods to tame the beasts that prowl here: the Teramar PX Southeast (SE).

Form and function unite in the Teramar PX SE series of casting and spinning rods to help anglers present baits with precision, while providing the power needed to bring inshore game fish to hand. Shimano’s Hi-Power X (PX) technology is at the heart of each Teramar PX SE rod, enhancing both durability and performance. In Hi-Power X construction, carbon tape wraps the blank’s outermost layer, forming an array of “X” shapes. Shimano rod designers customize the width of the tape, its winding angle and the part of the rod being wrapped according to the target fish species. This flexibility in blank construction allows Shimano to adjust the wraps during construction for precise actions, enhanced overall strength and added twist resistance. In short, Hi-Power X construction delivers sharp and crisp rod control to the angler from cast to catch.


“I look at fishing rods as tools, and each one has specific features that will help you catch fish,” notes Capt. Mike Holliday, a renowned charter captain with over three decades of experience guiding clients to inshore trophies along Florida’s Treasure Coast. “The Teramar PX SE spinning rods have either a fast or extra-fast action, which helps with your casting accuracy and distance. That action is also essential for lifting or moving large, powerful saltwater game fish without putting all the pressure on an angler’s arms or wrists. When you make a long cast and the fish strikes early in the retrieve, that same action is going to let you drive a hookpoint into the fish’s jaw, even though you still have a lot of line out.”

Shimano built the entire series of Teramar PX SE rods with premium components to deliver flawless performance and unmatched durability. Each rod features Sea-Guide Zirconia guides, fortified with ceramic insert that are harder and smoother than traditional alumina. Anglers will benefit from reduced friction and heat buildup as the line passes through the guides on the cast or during drag-peeling battles. The result: long, effortless casts and fewer opportunities for line failure. Each Teramar PX SE rod also includes a Fuji reel seat for a seamless, robust union between rod and reel that rests comfortably in the hand and enhances sensitivity during finesse presentations.

“I think most anglers overlook the quality of the guides on a rod,” notes Holliday, “but they’re essential for everything from casting distance to avoiding wind knots with braided line. The durability of the Sea-Guide Zirconia guides keep them from grooving or breaking down with long-term use of heavy braided line. For me, the guides are one of the rod’s most important features.”

Striking aesthetics complement the attention to detail in each Teramar PX SE rod’s construction, beginning with the rich aquamarine color of each rod’s blank. Rods with Medium-Heavy or higher power feature comfortable EVA handles to cushion anglers’ hands during long battles with powerful predators like tarpon, bull reds or snook. Lighter power Teramar PX SE rods — those with Medium or Medium-Light power ratings — include AA-grade cork surrounding the reel seat and an EVA butt section, providing comfortable leverage when needed.

Inshore anglers will find the perfect rod to suit their specific needs within the Teramar PX SE family of five casting and eight spinning rods, spanning a wide range of lengths, powers and actions. Optimize the durability and performance of the Teramar PX SE series by equipping the rods with complementary Shimano reels. For example, when sight-casting to slot reds in skinny water, choose the TPES70M — a seven-foot spinning rod with Medium power and extra-fast action — paired with a 3000-series Ultegra (ULTC3000HGFC) spooled with 20-pound test PowerPro. Cranking spinnerbaits or Chatterbaits near flooded marsh grass calls for the TPECX70MH — a seven-foot casting rod with Medium-Heavy power and extra-fast action — equipped with a Tranx 200 (TRX200A) spooled with 30-pound test PowerPro. When tarpon are running, reach for the TPES80XXH — an eight-foot spinning rod with extra-extra-heavy power and fast action — rigged with an 8000-series Saragosa SW (SRG8000SW) spooled with 50-pound test PowerPro. Shimano engineered the Teramar PX SE series to meet the needs of every inshore angler, no matter which finned adversary they pursue.

The marsh beckons — heed its call with the new Shimano Teramar PX SE: a dynamic addition to your inshore rod arsenal.


  • Hi-Power X Technology
  • Sea-Guide Zirconia Guides
  • Fuji Reel Seats
  • EVA or AA Cork/EVA Grips
  • One-piece Blank Construction
  • Five Casting and Eight Spinning Models
  • 6’8 to 8’ Lengths
  • Medium-light to Extra-extra-heavy Powers
  • Fast and Extra-fast Actions
  • MSRP $199.99 to $219.99

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