“Pay It Forward” Veteran’s Event on Midwest Outdoors TV for Veteran’s Day

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 Nov 7th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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“Pay It Forward” Veteran’s Event on Midwest Outdoors TV for Veteran’s Day

It started out as an idea to “give back” to those who have given and still give so much. The name we chose for the Lake of the Woods Area veteran’s event was “Pay It Forward”. We thought it was appropriate for many reasons. This past August, for the fifth straight year, 50 veterans converged on Lake of the Woods for a 3 night, 2 day all expenses paid fishing trip. We bus some up. Others drive on their own. Others come in a vans from different parts of MN. In all, veterans came from a variety of states. When it’s all said and done, veterans of all types, male and female, of different conflicts, with a variety of physical and mental ailments come together and rub elbows with other veterans. Veterans spending time with other veterans, this is a main ingredient that makes the Pay It Forward weekend so special and this weekend, the 2019 event is on Midwest Outdoors TV for Veteran’s Day.

There are so many touching stories. Some are happy stories. Some are not so happy. Like many veterans discuss, for many, even though back home, the “battle” is still real, maybe just in a different form. This event allows veterans to forget about challenges, at least for a few days. Hand picked participants help with a variety if issues effecting our veterans. How to peruse the VA medical system? Where can I go for a job? What does a veteran’s service officer do and how can I reach one? Are their support groups? How can I receive help for my specific struggles?

Roughly 20 veterans commit suicide every day. That number is too high. A number of caring veterans, people, volunteers and folks working with organizations who help veterans are part of the Pay It Forward weekend. There are a number of key ingredients that come together to make a good recipe. Everyone of those ingredients are important and in this case, it is no different. Statistics like this are good to know in respecting Veteran’s Day.

This year, and since the outset, Fishing For Life was a partner of Pay It Forward. They are a group based out of the Twin Cities but reaching out to folks throughout the region helping tremendously with bringing veterans together, identifying issues and providing solutions, creating veterans events that are key to fostering support and so much more.

This year, like every year, very special people who happen to be veterans came to Lake of the Woods and made the event memorable. We honor and give thanks to all veterans. Veteran’s Day is another opportunity to remember and to say “thank you”.

There is no way to share all of the great people and wonderful results of this event, but Midwest Outdoors TV does share just a snapshot of what it’s like on a charter boat fishing with a few awesome guys who are veterans and have served our great country for a day of fishing.

Pay it forward veterans 2019, Lake of the Woods

Tune in to Midwest Outdoors Saturday, November 9th, for a special episode featuring the Pay it Forward 2019 event held at Lake of the Woods. The show will be on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports WI at 9:30 am Saturday as well as other various networks. To view your local stations, click the link HERE for Midwest Outdoors TV Guide.

The 2020 Pay It Forward event will be August 31 – September 3, 2020. If you would like to know more, are interested in your company being a sponsor or if you are a veteran or know of a veteran who may be interested, check out www.payitforwardlow.org or our Pay it Forward page.

Thank you to all veterans and all who protect and serve!

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