Outguided: The Story Behind the Brand

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 Apr 28th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Madison, GA (April 28, 2022) – Outguided, an online platform that makes booking outdoor adventures easier than ever, connects people seeking great experiences with expert guides to create memories that last a lifetime. The company’s founders launched Outguided after experiencing the frustration of booking adventures the old-fashioned way. They knew that something was missing – a modern way to find, plan and book a trip without endless emails and phone calls so that both clients and guides can concentrate on the things that matter most.

Outguided was launched in late 2019 by Brooks Pennington, an avid hunter and fisherman, and Tim Rood, a skier, diver and surfer. While trying to book an elk-hunting trip in New Mexico, Pennington ran into the same issues he had encountered while seeking to book inshore fly-fishing trips along the Gulf Coast: spending hours researching and vetting guides, only to have trouble contacting them – because the guides were out guiding, often in remote locations, rather than sitting by the phone.

“Every time I called, the guides were out fishing, and their voicemail was full,” Pennington said. “I realized there had to be a better way.”

Pennington, who was working in the energy and real estate sectors in Georgia, reached out to Rood, a friend from The University of Georgia, who had spent his career working in technology in Los Angeles and San Francisco. They agreed the time was right to build the modern platform for outdoor adventure, and Outguided was born.

Designed in consultation with hundreds of guides and outfitters, Outguided provides ultimate convenience. The service allows outdoor lovers to browse activities and locations from one simple portal, setting up their dream trips or discovering exciting new activities. Activities include: skiing, winter sports, fishing, hunting, rafting, scuba diving and more, led by professional guides and outfitters who share their clients’ passion for the outdoors.

The service delivers inquiries straight to guides’ phones, making scheduling and payment a breeze for guides and clients alike. For guides, the service is free, with client inquiries going directly to their phones, while Outguided handles payments, messaging, scheduling and more.

“Our customers love the ease of setting up their trips, and our guides are thrilled to be connected with clients who understand the value of outdoor adventures in the world’s most beautiful places,” Pennington said. “Outguided is revolutionizing the way people find the most meaningful experiences and guides run their business.”

As part of its commitment to outdoor experiences and resources, Outguided contributes 2 percent of the company’s revenue to a conservation group that works to protect wild places.

Complete information is available at Outguided.com.

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