Northland Fishing Tackle Announces a Fistful of Bass-Jigs

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 Jul 21st, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Northland Fishing Tackle announces a fistful of bass-jigs that’ll please anglers north, south, east, and west

BEMIDJI, Minn. (July 21, 2022) – From the godfathers of modern jig technology comes a slew of new jigs designed specifically for largemouth, spotted, and smallmouth bass. Meticulously architected for tactical techniques, Northland’s new assortment covers a medley of applications, from weedless slithering through the greenery, to stealth footballing and small profile headstands on the bottom.

The entire Elite Series collection is forged on premium Gamakatsu hooks. That means the best wire for strength and consistency. The best tempering, so they won’t break or straighten. And the best point, the result of Gamakatsu’s proprietary sharpening process.

Here’s a quick overview of the Elite Series. Watch for down-deep details in coming weeks.


On many lakes and reservoirs, even rivers, if you’re not in the weeds, you’re not on fish. The undeniable dilemma, however, is getting hung in the vegetation before a bass seals the deal. Welcome the solution, Northland’s category-defining Elite Series Cabbage Crusher Jig. Its scooped, nosecone head and 60-degree line-tie enable it to slink through the weeds, while the double-wire titanium weed guard defends the hook against stalks and leaves. The jig’s wire-keeper and molded holder combine to secure your preferred plastics in place.

Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Silver Shiner, and Rusty Craw
Sizes: 3/16- , ¼-, 3/8-, and ½-ounce.
Hooks: Gamakatsu 4/0 (3/16- and ¼-ounce) Gamakatsu 5/0 (3/8- and ½-ounce)
2 Per Card
MSRP $6.49


Football head jigs are big fish catchers on the pro tours and a go-to in boats of everyday anglers, especially early and late in the season and anytime on deep, clear bodies of water. The football head design deflects and works better over rocks than standard round heads – that’s a fact. Available in three sizes, the new Elite Series Finesse Football Jig sports a narrow but tough and razor-sharp 1/0 Gamakatsu hook. The perfect size for smaller finesse soft plastics like your Ned-style baits and smaller creatures, the Finesse Football Jig can also be dressed in a skirt of your choosing and a trailer. Anglers can also pair with smaller swimbaits for a whole new presentation look and feel. The options are endless.

Colors: Black, Green Pumpkin, Silver Shiner, and Rusty Craw
Sizes: 3/16-, ¼-, 5/16-, and 3/8-ounce
Hooks: Gamakatsu 1/0
3 Per Card
MSRP $5.99


If you’re unfamiliar with a Ned Rig, well, to be honest, you’ve been living under a rock and fishing in the middle ages. For the last several years, Ned Rigging has been the hottest tactic for tripping triggers on lethargic bass and anywhere skeptical fish inhabit clear water. Northland’s new Elite Series Nedster Jig features a standup, mushroom-shaped head designed to elevate your plastic off the bottom, making it lifelike and easy to slurp. Beyond its ultra-strong and wickedly sharp Gamakatsu hook, the Nedster has a sticky wire bait keeper. The Weedless Nedster Jig sports stout and durable double titanium weed guards.

Colors: Black, Chartreuse, Green Pumpkin, and Rusty Craw
Sizes: 1/8-, 3/16-, ¼-, 5/16-ounce
Hook: Gamakatsu 1/0
Nedster 3 Per Card/Weedless Nedster 2 Per Card
MSRP $5.99


A “wacky rig” is appropriately named. It just looks wacky. Stick a jig in the midsection of a plastic and see the worm arch lifelessly in your hand. Put it in the water, however, and it animates, pumping and undulating with the slightest twitch of the rod, driving bass bonkers. Northland’s new Elite Series Weedless Wacky Jig showcases a unique head shape, designed precisely to operate effortlessly through the weeds. Couple the profile with its robust double titanium weed guard, and your bait glides through even the heaviest of cover.

Colors: Black and Green Pumpkin
Sizes: 1/16-, 1/8-, and 3/16-ounce
Hook: Gamakatsu #2
2 Per Card
MSRP $4.99

All Elite Series Bass Jigs available early 2023.

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