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 Jul 30th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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NetBait Revolutionizes Sport Fishing with 6 New Products Showcased at ICAST 2020

OCEAN SPRINGS, Miss. (July 30, 2020) When NetBait Tackle first introduced the Paca Craw to anglers, the company turned the fishing world upside down with the first-ever swimming craw with a patented design that truly revolutionized the sport. Fast forward to 2020, NetBait is once again focused on revolutionizing sport fishing with an unprecedented 6 new products being showcased at ICAST 2020.


NetBait has injected new color into one of the most popular baits in the NetBait product line with the Flare Series of Paca Slim baits. Available in 3.5 and 4” versions, the new color series introduces six new colors that blend a two-layer laminate body color with an integrated claw color tip for ultra-realistic appeal and unmatched color profiles in any craw-style bait. NetBait Paca™ Slim Flare Series features a solid, round-ribbed body, which can easily be applied to light Texas-rigs and all sorts of jigs to produce a fluttering enticement. Scented and salted to perfection, the NetBait Paca™ Slim Flare Series provides a slender, more active profile that is a major player around craw-hungry bass


The Flex Worm pairs innovation in body design with laminate color profiles for which is a double threat for finicky bass. The Flex Worm is designed with a solid frontend profile in the first 1.5” of the bait to ensure a stable hook insertion for Texas rig or exposed hook shaky head presentations, The solid front end immediately transitions into a tapering ball & joint body design which gives the bait its Flex and realistic action.

The innovative ball & joint design creates an extremely flexible mid-body action that alternates with the tail of the bait to create a constant undulating, swimming movement making the bait appear alive. Designed for Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fishing, the ultra-realistic Flex Worm is Available in 5” and 7” sizes and 10 of the most popular colors.


NetBait’s Dagger design is centered around an innovative, collapsible flex-wing design for unique gliding action. The flex-wing is integrated with twelve (12) forward facing angled ribs to improve water displacement and add subtle vibration to a natural swimming action. The flex-wing is mounted on a compact body core to easily accommodate even a 5/0 and 6/0 large Texas-rig flippin’ hook while the thin flex-wing compresses quickly to improve penetration on the hookset.

Before unleashing the bait to the masses, NetBait’s team of regional and national pros began testing the Dagger in late 2019 in real tournament action. Success is the best result of all, and the prototype Dagger performed well resulting in three tournament wins.

The all-new Dagger comes in 10 of the best fish-catching colors in the country and is an amazing value at $4.29.

NetBait STH Finesse Series Products

NetBait Tackle is advancing the company’s line up of soft plastic baits with the STH Finesse Series. The collaboration between the two American Baitworks Co. brands will expand the NetBait product selection with 3 new series of products: Finesse Series Drifter, Finesse Series Crush Worms, and Finesse Series Tubes.


One of the best baits available for finesse applications like drop shot, jig head, and the STH Flatty Rig. A classic, handcrafted and hand-poured bait with year-round application for Bass, Walleye, and Ice Fishing. The Drifter is 2.75 inches and comes in 8 color options and 6 per pack.

Super soft salted and scented, the Drifter moves freely in drop shot applications without you having to shake it. Integrated 3D eyes give the Drifter a lifelike appearance and fleeing baitfish appearance to get every fish to stop and chomp.


Crush Worm (3.75″) 10/pack
Stumpy Crush Worm (3.5″) 8/pack
Jr. Crush Worm (3″) 10/pack

The Crush Worm is one of the most life-like baits available on the market today thanks to a super-soft, high-float plastic integrated with salt and scent – the ultimate combination to get fish to bite and hang on!

The three size profiles give anglers the option to size down between the Crush Worm and Jr. Crush Worm for more subtle presentations or use a slightly wider bait profile with the Stumpy Crush.

We recommend using an extremely subtle technique with minimal rod tip movement as it has been proven consistently that slight twitches and dead sticking the Crush Worm optimizes the bait’s performance.


Our Finesse Series Tubes are rewriting the rules when it comes to tube fishing and smallmouth bass! STH Series Tubes outperform others because of an important design feature – body to tail ratio!

The 40/60 body to tail ratio delivers vastly improved action with the slightest twitch of your rod and allows for a fully exposed hook in the tail section for improved hookups with hard-mouthed smallmouth bass.

Available in 10 colors and two sizes; 2.5” and 4” – tube anglers can go with the bigger size tubes for smallmouth or largemouth or size down for super finicky bass and walleye that need to be enticed with a smaller profile.

NetBait Tackle’s six new products series were showcased through ICAST 2020

For more information about any of our new products for 2020/21, visit www.netbait.com

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