Mustad is the Best Connection to Your Next Bite

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 May 5th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 5th, 2022 at 7:11 PM

Premium Hook Manufacturer Evolves into a Global Fishing Platform

Miami, Florida (May 5, 2022) – Mustad’s enduring legacy in the fishing industry is unsurpassed. Tracing its origins to the town of Gjøvik, Norway in 1877, Mustad is recognized as a global leader in the production of premium hooks, used throughout the world to secure every finned target imaginable – from brook trout to bass and salmon to sharks. Supported by a foundation of design and manufacturing excellence, Mustad is evolving into a comprehensive fishing platform that supplies every link in the tackle chain, fortified with the quality and innovation demanded by the most discerning anglers.

Professional and recreational anglers alike have trusted Mustad hooks for generations. Kevin VanDam – one of the most accomplished anglers in the history of tournament bass fishing – has put Mustad hooks to the test against the world’s toughest competition for nearly 30 years. VanDam’s hard-won insights have allowed Mustad to craft unique hook designs that set new standards for sharpness, strength, performance, and durability, delivering Mustad quality and innovation to every angler’s tacklebox. Beyond the bass arena, Mustad hooks serve as the central component of myriad artificial lure and natural bait applications, from dainty dry flies drifting down freestone rivers to squid rigs that tempt swordfish in the inky depths. Indeed, Mustad hooks help anglers around the globe battle trophy-caliber fish with strength and confidence.

Leveraging a legacy of engineering excellence, Mustad recently introduced a library of fresh- and saltwater rods that place performance in the palm of every angler. Products of a fruitful collaboration with custom rod builder and Bassmaster Elite Series angler Brandon Lester, the Mustad Rodwork’s BLF Instinct rods deliver the strength, sensitivity, balance, and performance that professional anglers demand. With 30 TON – IM8 Japanese Toray premium graphite blanks, ergonomic reel seats, and Fuji Aluminum Oxide guides, Mustad crafts BLF Instinct rods to exceed the expectations of every bass angler. Mustad G-Series rods address the aspirations of avid saltwater anglers. A spectrum of precision-tuned lengths, powers, and actions cater to inshore aficionados patrolling the bayous, salmon and steelhead specialists trekking to hidden streams, and even offshore adventurers tempting blue water giants. These and other Mustad rod families help anglers cast farther and more accurately, feel more strikes, set hooks with more authority, and fight fish with unwavering confidence.

Line is the critical link between anglers and their quarry. In 2019, Mustad acquired TUF-LINE, adding a premium line to their growing brand family. Founded in 1938, TUF-LINE is a leading manufacturer of braided fishing line that is, pound for pound, 15 times stronger than steel. Through years of research and product development expertise, TUF-LINE has perfected a proprietary coating process that permeates into the fibers of the braid, creating a stronger, more abrasion-resistant, long-lasting super line. Today, the TUF-LINE arsenal includes four- and eight-carrier braids, fluorocarbons for fresh- and saltwater applications, and a diverse array of specialty lines. With technological prowess that yields exceptional on-the-water performance, TUF-LINE is worthy of the most demanding anglers’ trust to excel in every fishing application.

Supersized, heavily pressured, or exceptionally wary fish are among the most challenging targets to invite to a boatside photo-op. Only lures that seamlessly blend biomimetic appearance with equally life-like action can tempt strikes from well-educated trophies. Earlier this year, Mustad acquired LIVETARGET – the undisputed leader in lurecraft that accurately replicates Nature’s prey library. LIVETARGET baits are designed and engineered to build unwavering confidence through measurable success: catching more and bigger fish. LIVETARGET’s highly evolved research and development process ensures that no detail is overlooked in the pursuit of perfection. Fresh- and saltwater anglers alike should expect nothing less than anatomically-precise profiles, ultra-realistic details and meticulously tuned, species-specific actions. Inspired by Nature, LIVETARGET lures represent the ultimate deception, eliciting strikes from the most formidable fish.

For nearly 150 years, anglers have trusted Mustad to hook and hold, extracting fish from lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and oceans worldwide. Now, with premium lines from TUF-LINE and exceptional lures from LIVETARGET, Mustad is perfectly positioned to become a comprehensive global fishing platform. Mustad is the best connection to your next bite.

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