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 Feb 10th, 2021 by Keith Worrall 

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Lake Worth, Fl. (February 10, 2021) – Take to the sky with Tigress Outriggers & Gear. Our versatile line of kites get the job done, no matter how the wind is blowing. And when the day is done, offshore anglers can let everyone know how well the day went with one of Tigress’ billfish flags.

Tigress knows there is nothing like the rush delivered watching a sailfish smash a kite bait, so they developed everything offshore anglers need to get in on this exhilarating and productive way of fishing. And when fish are pressured, the stealth presentation that a kite offers gets more sails to the boat. Tigress has everything offshore anglers need to go out and hook up, from rigging components and single kites to complete kits.

Tigress offers a kite fishing set up for every scenario, from near-howling winds to the gentlest breeze. These kites are just what offshore anglers need to start fishing in this thrilling manner, and these are built to last from durable components. In the unlikely event that something breaks, each kite includes spare parts so offshore anglers can be back fishing in minutes.

When the wind just isn’t blowing, Tigress offers a kite designed to work in the slightest of breezes. Built of flyweight materials, the Lite Wind Kite flies steadily in five to 10 mile per hour winds with a simple adjustment to the bridle.On almost windless days, helium balloons can be added to provide additional lift to keep the kites flying.

Tigress’ All-Purpose Kite fits the bill for the majority of offshore angler kite fishing excursions. This sturdy and dependable workhorse kite easily tackles winds in the 10-15 mile per hour range. When it’s nearing a gale, hook on Tigress’ Hi-Velocity Kite. This model features four holes in the kite’s heavy-duty fabric body to let high winds pass through, flying reliably in winds above 15 miles per hour.

Tigress offers three pre-made kite rigs to streamline set up, giving offshore anglers the flexibility to choose the right line based on wind conditions. Conveniently stored on a reusable wrist spool complete with releases, these kites are ready to fly quickly as the crew steams out of port. On days with a heavy blow, put on a Hi-Velocity Kite with a line assembly built of 100-pound braid to handle the heavy pull. If winds of 10 to 15 miles per hour abound, attach an All-Purpose Kite with an 80-pound rig. And for the slightest of winds, use a 50-pound set up with the Lite Wind Kite.

Once the crew has had their fill of catching, steam back to port flying one of Tigress’ Billfish release flags. The sailfish flag is adorned with a detailed line drawing that takes the traditional tourney flag to the next level, adding a touch of class to angler’s vessels. The blue embroidery on the white background is sure to catch everyone’s eye as offshore anglers cruise by. Use one of Tigress’ XD Flag Poles, which fit in standard 1-5/8″ rod holders to install in an instant to keep offshore angler’s flag flying true.

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