John Gillespie and Pete Maina Announce Return to Recon Boats

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 Jan 13th, 2024 by sworrall 

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Iola, WI, January 12, 2024

Renowned TV fishing personality and host of Waters and Woods television John Gillespie and Muskie fishing personality and expert Pete Maina are thrilled to announce their return to Recon Boats. Crafted with precision in Iola, WI, by master craftsman John Johnson and a team of like-minded individuals, Recon Boats stands out as a brand built by fishermen for fishermen.

Recon Boats have consistently impressed with their exceptional hulls, best-in-class rod lockers, and for-fishing features. The boats are a testament to well-thought-out features that cater to the specific needs of anglers regardless of the species pursued. In an industry where the corporate trend has veered away from understanding the customer and providing a quality service, Recon Boats stands firm in its commitment to excellence, always striving to keep the customer happy with a well-thought-out quality product.

Unlike other brands that may have lost touch with their customer base, Recon Boats is dedicated to continuous improvement. The team at Recon consistently add options, refine features, and remain attuned to the needs of the customer. What sets Recon Boats apart is its location in the upper Midwest and unique approach – boats built by an angler boss and staff with direct input from professional staff and customers.

John and Pete express their pride in representing Recon Boats, a brand that aligns with their values and commitment to the angling community and is perfectly crafted to meet their needs on the water. The partnership is a testament to the trust and confidence they place in Recon Boats as their choice for top-quality fishing boats.

For more information about Recon Boats please visit the Recon Boats Website.

About Recon Boats: Recon Boats, based in Iola, WI, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality fishing boats. Crafted by skilled craftsmen led by John Johnson, Recon Boats are designed with angler input to meet the specific demands of fishing enthusiasts. The brand is committed to excellence, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.


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