Introducing the New Lateral Line Lures BENDER® Pro!

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 Jul 8th, 2020 by sworrall 

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We didn’t think we could improve on The BENDER®. We were wrong! Introducing The BENDER® PRO !

Fish with the BENDER® PRO as you would the original BENDER®, controlling the spin by increasing or decreasing the bend. The all new tail on the Bender® Pro brings an effective twist to the lure’s profile and action, also helping control the drop speed. The angler controls the action of the lure by bending it. The more one bends it the faster it will roll and the faster it will sink. The hooks mounted on the side create a rolling effect, and if fished  as a twitch bait with a slight bend so the hooks remain upright will allow use over the top of heavy cover. Once you create the bend to obtain the action desired one can fish it as fast as any bucktail or twitch bait or as slow as one wishes, depending on conditions. Don’t worry about line twist, a high quality ball bearing swivel will prevent any issues. The BENDER ® PRO features a unique and  proven design for muskies, bass, pike, or any gamefish!

The muskies where you fish haven’t seen this one. BENDER ® PRO is the perfect new presentation for pressured muskies!

Popular method used while casting with great results:
Cast out and let it settle, wind and pause , repeat. When paused the BENDER® PRO flutters down and is designed to flash. Predator fish react when sensing distress; this is when many strikes occur! Or, take most of the bend out of the lure leaving a slight curve and work it like any twitch boat, just give the BENDER ® PRO a second or so more pause before twitching it again. Try ripping the BENDER® PRO like a swim bait when the fish are really active!

The concept of the BENDER ® PRO:

Visualize a school of bait fish. Predator fish follow these schools waiting for the moment one of those fish becomes an easy target. When one of those bait fish swim outside the school it just became the target predator fish look for. The Bender® philosophy is that it triggers a predatory response because it imitates a distressed fish that is outside of the school. Predators are opportunists and will always go after the easy kill!

The BENDER® PRO is versatile used as a twitch bait, rotating bait, or trolling lure. The BENDER ® PRO truly is an exciting lure to fish.

A note from our friends at OutdoorsFIRST: “We used the Bender all of last year catching all species of gamefish and even big crappies. This lure just plain catches fish!”

Purchase your Bender® Pros by clicking HERE!

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