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 Jul 15th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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New Hobie Everglades with Sightmaster+ Hydro 360° Polarized Lenses

Hobie® Polarized, a Premium Sunglass Brand with Affordable Prices, Launches New Fishing Sunglasses During ICAST’s New Product Zone

OCEANSIDE, Calif. (July 15, 2020) – Hobie® Polarized is launching three new sunglasses and a new lens profile, geared for the fishing community, at the New Product Zone during the 2020 ICAST Online Event. Recognized as a premium water sunglass brand with a proprietary polarized filter, and integrated frame technology, Hobie’s new frame styles, El Matador, Snook and Everglades, highlight the brand’s commitment to producing functional products with simplicity in mind. Each of the new frame styles were designed specifically to help the angler perform.

New Hobie Everglades with Sightmaster+ Hydro 360° Polarized Lenses

“Our 2020 Collection is an ode to the Hobie way of life, and we’re introducing products that seamlessly fit into an angler’s everyday activities,” says Senior Marketing Manager at Hobie Polarized, Kristine Robinson. “Each of the new fishing styles, and the upgraded Sightmaster+ lens profile, showcase how dedicated we are into improving the angler’s time on the water. We’re proud to introduce fishing-specific styles and a lens technology that incorporate valuable attributes for the angler.”

New Hobie Snook with Sightmaster+ Hydro 360° Polarized Lenses

The first of the new frames, El Matador, is a full coverage frame made possible by integrated side shields. These shields easily slide into place and help block sunlight to improve sightlines in the distance. Rounding out the group are Everglades & Snook, both true sport-wrap frames that are as comfortable as they are durable. Along with the new frames, Hobie has upgraded its proprietary amber lens, Sightmaster+, with a reformulated color profile to better navigate your view beneath the water’s surface. The frames and lens were designed to help the angler to perform, while seamlessly enjoying their time on the water.

New Hobie El Matador with Hydro 360° Polarized Lenses

El Matador, Everglades, Snook and the Sightmaster+ lenses are now available on www.hobiepolarized.com.

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