Gamakatsu® Pre-Tied Rigs and Snells Make Rigging A Cinch

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 Jul 17th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

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Gamakatsu® Pre-Tied Rigs and Snells Make Rigging A Cinch

Pictured above: Kokanee 2 Hook Snell

Tacoma, Washington (July 17, 2020) Gamakatsu is releasing two exciting new products in 2021 with specific applications for anglers chasing sea-run and freshwater resident salmon species. The Big River Bait Mooching Rig is ready for the biggest, hardest fighting Chinooks and Cohos in the river systems. The Kokanee 2 Hook Snell offers an attractive option for landlocked anglers.

The Mooching Rig design is based on years of experience fishing big river systems like the Columbia and Snake in the Pacific Northwest. This rigging can quickly adapt to Alaska and the Great Lakes region rivers as well. The hook comes barbed but has an acute bend for better holding power on hooked fish. The bent design is especially advantageous for anglers fishing in waters with barbless hook requirements. Pinch down the barb and continue fishing with confidence because the hook bend is specially shaped to stick when the barb is removed.

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Mooching rigs are built on double 3/0, 4/0 and 5/0 hook sizes with three rigs in each pack. The lines are built on 30 or 40 pound premium Japanese monofilament, and they are rock solid with stopping power against fresh Chinooks that run back hard towards the salt. Add your favorite baits and get busy fishing with these outstanding Big River Bait mooching rigs.

The Kokanee 2 Hook Snell rigs are a much different offering and are geared for chasing Kokanee and other freshwater species like walleye and trout. The colored hooks used on the rigs add an attractant, reducing the need to overdress rigs with additional coloring. Anglers can use these pre-tied rigs straight out of the package and customize as desired with blades and beads. All hooks are a size 4 for general freshwater applications.


Gamakatsu is saving anglers precious time on the water with pre-tied mooching and snell rigs. The grab and go rigs all utilize the best premium hooks and highest quality lines. Add baits and additional riggings, snap on a swivel, and get busy fishing.

Mooching Rig Features:

● Acute bend for better holding power
● Slip tie allows for easy adjustment for different size bait
● Pre tied rigs make it easy to change on the go
● Size: Double 3/0 (30 LB), 4/0 (30 & 40 LB), and 5/0 (40 LB)
● Color: NS Black
● Qty/Pack: 3 rigs

Kokanee 2 Hook Snell Features:

● Colored hooks add an attractant
● Pre tied rigs make it easy to change on the water
● Perfect for kokanee, trout and walleye
● Size: 4
● Regular Colors: Red
● Fluorescent Colors: Red, Chartreuse, Pink, Orange, Purple, Glow, UV
● Qty/Pack: 3 rigs

For more information, visit www.gamakatsu.com

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