G. Loomis Updates Warranty Program/Xpeditor Service

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 Dec 15th, 2020 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Dec 15th, 2020 at 10:34 AM


WOODLAND, Wash. – December 9, 2020 – Next to not catching a fish after a tough day on the water, breaking your fishing rod may be the proverbial salt in the wound. G. Loomis’ continued effort to provide anglers service long after the sale , G.Loomis announced updates to its warranty program to include a ‘Born On’ serial number on all new rods, along with a more straightforward rod return process for the G. Loomis’ Xpeditor Service.

G. Loomis rod owners can easily find the serial number on their newly purchased rod as shown here. You'll need to note the serial number when registering the rod for any future warranty claims and Xpeditor Service.

“We completely understand the frustration anglers experience from either a defect that impacts the rod’s performance or from when they inadvertently break a rod,” said Dave Brinkerhoff with G. Loomis. “Between our limited lifetime warranty covering the rod’s original owner, to our no-fault, no-questions-asked Xpeditor Service, we’ll do our best to remedy nearlyevery situation.”

When an angler purchases a new rod, the attached hang tag will provide all the needed information to register it and activate the warranty. As G. Loomis has always done in its nearly30-years of manufacturing performance fishing tools, they will either repair or replace when arod breaks.

G. Loomis’ no-questions-asked Xpeditor Service is designed to get anglers back on the water fast. “If you damage or break your registered rod, the service provides a quick, same-model replacement for a very fair price,” Brinkerhoff explains. “If it does happen, call the G.Loomis toll-free customer service line (877-577-0600), and our staff will walk you through the process. And now instead of returning the entire broken rod within 30 days after your replacement rod arrives, all we ask is for is the logo section of the blank for identification purposes.” Depending on the rod series, the Xpeditor Service for casting and spinning rods range from $100 to $175, while fly rods range from $125 to $275. For fly rods more than 15 years old,the Xpeditor service fee is $250.
For complete details on G. Loomis’ limited lifetime warranty and the Xpeditor Service, how to register the rod, initiate a claim, and how to ship the rod can be found at
www.gloomis.com/register, or call the G. Loomis customer service line at 877-577-0600.

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