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 Aug 29th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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For today’s angler, sonar is the name of the game in finding fish. With sonar technology that scans straight down, off to the side and most recently, all around the perimeter of the boat in real-time, crappie, panfish and bass anglers are more dialed in than ever before regarding the location of the fish and their underwater habitat.

With the influx of sonar options comes the need for placing these screens in strategic locations, at both the bow and console, in a manner that’s visible, accessible and out of the way. Mounting the sonar screens to the boat demands sturdy, yet lightweight materials that are built to accommodate the added weight of the big 12-15” screens – often placed side by side in many modern bass boats.

One of the companies filling that need is a new entrant into the sonar bracket market, Rose Metal Products (RMP), makers of the Trophy Graph Systems mounts. Based in Springfield, MO, Trophy Graph Systems offers an assortment of mounting hardware for any sonar configuration of any size, with versatile options available for single or dual screens at the bow and console.

Outdoor Specialties Boat Center in Eastland, Texas has a steady stream of customers requesting a variety of sonar mounting configurations of their new or used Ranger, Nitro and Tracker boats. Outdoor Specialties also handles all three major electronic brands: Humminbird, Garmin and Lowrance, so they’re well acquainted with what makes a quality mounting configuration and bracket. Their service manager, Hunter Starr, agreed to look at the various mounting offerings in the Trophy Graph Systems lineup and provide his initial reactions. In a word: “Impressive”.

Hunter states, “My first thought in handling the Trophy Graph Systems mounts is they’re very lightweight, but also very solid. I have no concerns about stability in holding these expensive sonar units in place – even in rough water. They also have a good powder coating on the metal brackets, so it’s a clean appearance that appears very durable.”

He adds, “The bow mounts are nice because they come in single or stacked configurations over the trolling motor foot pedal, but the bracket has enough offset to prevent interfering with your access to the foot pedal.”

Additionally, Starr likes the versatility in the multiple configuration options in the RMP lineup, noting, “Our goal is to give our customers what they want with their screen placement, so the ability to have options with multiple screens or single screens at both the bow and console helps us fit those customer’s needs.”


Learn more about Trophy Graph Systems from Rose Metal Products by visiting https://www.rmpstore.com/trophygraphsystems.

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