El Gallo Fly Fishing Report

 Oct 21st, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Oct 21st, 2022 at 10:47 AM

Sierra Mackerel have shown up to Muertos Bay in big numbers!

El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge, Muertos Bay, Baja California Sur Mexico

To those in the know about these awesome fish, Sierras are a blast to catch on a fly rod, and make for some delicious meals at the lodge! These fish are highly sought after from a commercial seafood stand point, as they are excellent table-fare. To us, they are an excellent quarry! They have razor blades for teeth, and you can tell when they are feeding on a bait ball, as there will be a sheen of oil from them slicing through bait! Often when you are pulling your fly fast through the top of the water column, they will launch several feet out of the water, trying to make your fly a part of their meal! This is just another part of our incredible diversity if species of fish. We do not just catch Rooster fish on the fly, we have so many options for other fish species to target in Baja California while fly fishing that it is astounding! Book today with El Gallo Fly Fishing Lodge to take advantage of our working knowledge, and 28 years, and three generations of fly fishing expertise! Who knows how long they will stay in the area, any of a thousand variables could push them away from Muertos Bay, or Bahia de los Suenos. All that we know is that those who are booked to fish with us now are in for a spectacular treat!

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