Change Lures and Flies in No Time Using Al’s Kwik Klips

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 Jul 22nd, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Change Lures and Flies in No Time Using Al’s Kwik Klips

ELIOT, Maine (July 21, 2022) — When you’re on the water, time spent doing anything that does not involve working baits and lures in the strike zone takes away from your ability to maximize your catch rate. So when you can employ a small, simple, fail-safe product that will make changing lures and flies an easy, lightning-fast proposition, why wouldn’t you? That’s what Al’s Kwik Klips from Al’s Goldfish Lure Company will do for you.

Originally designed for use when fly fishing – they’ll float with your dry flies – innovative anglers like Al’s Goldfish Lure Company’s Wisconsin Fishing Ambassador TJ Gramberg use them for all their fishing. “I love using Al’s Kwik Klips because they offer the ability to switch baits quicker, allowing me to cover more water in a short amount of time,” Gramberg said. “They also provide me with confidence that I have a secure connection to any bait I use. The different sizes of Kwik Klips allow me to vary my bait sizes, and I like to put different-sized Kwik Klips on different rods, which lets me quickly change from using a 1/2 oz. Al’s Goldfish lure on one rod, to using a 3/16 oz. Goldfish on a different rod. Best of all, Kwik Klips have the strength to pull in fish of all sizes without fail. I never head out without them.”

Gramberg uses the smallest sizes (small/medium) when vertical jigging while ice fishing, and the medium/large/extra-large sizes when casting and trolling in open water, depending on the size of the lure she’s using. She’s used them to successfully land everything from small panfish to medium-sized bass and walleye to large northern pike.

Al’s Kwik Klips will never let your fly or lure whip off your line, and allow all lures and flies to be presented with their intended natural action. Simply tie one onto the end of your line, quickly and easily slip different lures and flies onto the Kwik Klip, and Bam! You’re ready to get back into action. They come in four sizes: A (Small) – up to 9 lbs.; B (Medium) – up to 11 lbs.; C (large) – up to 21 lbs.; and D (Extra Large) – up to 40 lbs. Suggested retail price is $2.99 for a package of six. Look for Al’s products at your favorite tackle shop or find them online at Amazon.com or on Al’s Goldfish Lure Company’s website at https://www.alsgoldfish.com/Kwik-Klips-p/kk.htm. For more information on the company’s entire line of lures and fishing accessories, visit https://www.alsgoldfish.com/, or give them a call at 413-543-1524.

About Al’s Goldfish Lure Company
The company was launched in 1952 with a single pioneering spoon lure, known as Stuart’s Goldfish, named after founder Al Stuart. The company’s flagship lure was renamed Al’s Goldfish in 1954, and by 1973 the popularity of the Goldfish lure soared to nearly one million lures sold in a year. Along the way, other popular lures, such as the Forty-Niner and Helgy, and hook bonnet lure accessories were added to the company’s list of American-made products. In 2015 the line was expanded to include the Saltwater Goldfish series. In 2022, present owners Jeff and Mandy DeBuigne are celebrating the 70 year anniversary of the Goldfish lure. For more information on Al’s Goldfish Lure Company visit www.alsgoldfish.com.

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