Bond Arms to Attend NRA-Annual Meetings with their Newest Stainless Stinger

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 May 24th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified May 24th, 2022 at 8:22 PM

Granbury, TX (May 24, 2022) – As the nation’s largest gathering of gun-rights supporters descends on Houston, TX., May 25-28 for the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, Bond Arms will be in the mix showcasing many of their best-selling firearms. Attendees can check out the all new stainless steel Stinger with an amazing low price of $279 MSRP that is sure to spark excitement among concealed-carry and defensive handgun fans. The team at Bond Arms invites everyone in attendance to visit them at booth #3748.

Bond Arms is well-known for its compact yet powerful personal protection pistols. Now, after the warm reception of the aluminum Stinger, Bond Arms is set to release the Stinger in a new stainless steel form. The new Stinger has the familiar fit, feel, function and reliability of other Bond double-barrelled pistols in an ultra-concealable and super-comfortable size and weight configuration. The new Stinger is currently chambered for either 9mm or .380 auto. While at home as a concealed carry weapon, the new Stinger can be a formidable snake gun when loaded with 9mm CCI shells.

The new Stinger uses a robust yet slim stainless steel frame. A generously sized integral trigger guard protects the trigger yet allows easy access. Slim high-impact Zytel composite grips pair with the wasp-waisted pistol’s narrow profile, making it perfect for concealability. The new Stinger also includes standard rubber grip panels for those who prefer a larger grip.

The hearty stainless steel frame allows firing +P rounds. The release lever, cross-bolt safety, hammer, and trigger are also stainless steel; adding steel parts in these critical areas enhances the new Stinger’s durability. Currently, the Stinger is available in 9mm and .380 auto with a .22 long rifle model on the horizon.

Bond Arms created the new Stinger for customers wanting a slim pistol chambered for powerful defense rounds. Like all of Bond’s full pistol lines, the new Stinger is safe, durable, and reliable – perfect for self-defense at a competitive price. The company’s newest derringer is shipping by June 20th.

Bond Arms Stainless Stinger Features:

Stainless steel double-barrel
Passive and manual safeties (3)
Integral trigger guard
High impact nylon, slim grips (also includes standard rubber grip panels)
Size is compatible with many aftermarket holsters


Bond Arms Stainless Stinger Specifications:

Cartridge: 9mm; 380 auto
Weight: 16 Oz (with Slim Grips)
Dimensions: Length 5″; Height: 4″; Width: Less than 1″ (with Slim Grips)
Barrel: 3″ Heat Treated Stainless Steel
Passive Safety: Rebounding Hammer
Manual Safety: Crossbolt Safety & Safety Locking Device (SLD)
Action: Over/Under, Tip-Up Barrel, Single Action
Frame: Stainless steel
Trigger Guard: Integral w/Frame
Grips: High Impact Nylon Slim Grips (standard rubber grips included)
Hinge Screw: 7/64″ Allen Wrench
MSRP: $279

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