Blaze Digital Solutions teams with Traditions Media

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 Feb 15th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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Outdoors Industry News: Working Together to Help Good Hunting and Fishing Products Earn More Customers

Blaze Digital Solutions teams with Traditions Media

Salt Lake City, UT (February 15, 2022) – Opportunities and challenges exist simultaneously at any given time and under any set of circumstances. It’s a truth that applies to both individuals and businesses.

As avid hunter and successful marketing professional, EJ Saunders, sat in church one Sunday a little over one year ago, feeling stressed out over seemingly insurmountable workplace frustrations, he became struck by a moment of life-changing clarity. “I realized that I couldn’t help my clients meet their goals, because they weren’t actually my clients; they were my company’s clients,” he says. “There were simply too many limitations, obstacles and roadblocks. I’d been trying to solve or fix them, but I came to realize the simple truth that they were beyond my control. It wasn’t because of me or my abilities. To the contrary, I knew I had the skills, knowledge, and expertise to help companies succeed; I was just in the wrong place. That day, I was given the clarity and the opportunity to put myself in the right place.” Saunders’ epiphany led him to found that right place, Blaze Digital Solutions.

Over the past year, Saunders and his carefully assembled team have been doing things their own way, helping a growing number of clients in the hunting and outdoors space implement the fundamental marketing processes that lead to sustained profitability and growth.

“At Blaze Digital Solutions, we help our clients navigate the daunting and rapidly changing social media and digital marketing landscapes while putting systems in place that are designed to build revenue by strengthening the customer experience. And we do it quickly,” Saunders says. “We immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and become an extension of their marketing teams, adding value to and improving on specific initiatives that are working, while building additional fundamental systems that aren’t yet in place, but should be.”

One of the pitfalls almost any business can fall victim to is the growth-at-any-cost mentality. “Growth is great,” Saunders says, “but it’s not often a solution for businesses that aren’t already profitable.” For many startup businesses in the outdoors industry, the path to profits and growth requires staying in your lane, at least for a while. Saunders says that often means optimizing existing product lines or services and the sales and marketing systems around them before adding new ones.

“That applies to our business, too,” Saunders says. “We’re really good at what we do, and part of what keeps us on the cutting edge is remaining focused on our strengths.”

So when the Blaze Digital Solutions Team identified a need to amplify their brand voice – both for their own agency and for their clients – they looked towards another lean and focused outdoors marketing agency specialized in industry communications.

“It was a short search,” says Saunders. “Nobody targets hunting-, fishing- and outdoors-industry influencers with better content and more surgically than Traditions Media. My own email in box is proof of that, and if you are reading this, yours probably is, too.”

Saunders says there were good vibrations from his very first teleconference with Traditions Media co-founder Noel Vick and his communications team. “Lightning struck and we both quickly realized the synergies,” Saunders says. “There’s very little overlap – if any – in the services we provide, we specialize in different areas, and both agencies have a history of success in moving the needle for our clients. We’re kicking off what we hope and expect to be a long and fruitful relationship.”

Traditions Media president Noel Vick and his team will help guide Blaze Digital into the fishing industry to replicate what they’ve done in hunting and the outdoors.

Vick agrees. “While Blaze Digital Solutions – the agency and brand – is new, EJ and his team have a proven track record of success as individuals in the hunting- and outdoors-marketing spaces,” he says. “They offer thought leadership and expertise in digital- and social-media marketing, which is something almost every outdoor company needs help with today, and they deliver it in a unique way that emphasizes results while defying everything that outdoor companies have rightfully come to loathe about so many other marketing agencies.”

Vick says he’s referred to Traditions Media as the anti-agency agency for years because of the myriad ways his team differentiates itself and its work. “It was one of the reasons Leslie (Traditions Media co-founder, Leslie Sundahl) and I started this business,” he says. “Now, it feels as if we’ve run directly into our doppelganger in Blaze Digital Solutions. We’re looking forward to working with EJ and the Blaze Team by generating more awareness for some of the great hunting brands they are currently working with, while also broadcasting Blaze’s benefits to fishing companies.”

Traditions Media partner Sharkbanz recently onboarded with Blaze Digital.

Blaze Digital Solutions believes that businesses with great products should get the customers, and they’re on a mission to make that happen. If your business offers quality products in the outdoors marketplace, Blaze Digital Solutions wants to offer you a free Grow Your Sales Discovery Session to determine whether your company is a candidate for its 90-Day Growth Accelerator Program – an aggressive and immersive 90-day path to doubling your sales in 12 months or less.

Contact EJ Saunders for more information.

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