Because You Can’t Choose The Weather

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You need to use Blackfish Gear, plain and simple. That’s a pretty bold statement from a brand new company, but in reality, it’s not. It’s the truth.

Blackfish offers anglers- both hardcore and recreational- the type of clothing options that many only dream of owning. We can’t control the weather, but with Blackfish gear, you can sure enjoy yourself out in it.

Combining cutting edge waterproofing and breathable technology, our new raingear will keep you dry and comfortable whether it’s riding down the lake, fishing from the shore or paddling a kayak. The great thing about Blackfish is that it won’t leave you in a sweaty mess. Thanks to the breathable nature of our product, your perspiration is wicked away and you stay dry.

“As anglers ourselves, we saw a need for a truly waterproof and breathable rain suit in the outdoor industry,” said Dan Stefanich from Blackfish Gear. “So, we created Blackfish to be the pinnacle of rain protection for both the avid and recreational angler.”

On the days you don’t need protection from the rain, Blackfish offers some of the finest Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) clothing available. Whether it’s a scorcher with bright sun or an overcast day, that bright ball in the sky can get you. Protect yourself with our UPF gear and stay safe and cool. With Blackfish cooling technology, you can pass on the sunburn and stay comfortable.

“Sun protection is paramount when angling, especially when you are spending all day on the water,” said Stefanich. “So, we created a line of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) apparel to keep anglers cool, comfortable and protected.

“At the core of any outdoor experience is comfort. You can’t enjoy the outdoors when you’re cold, wet, hot, or uncomfortable. So, we designed Blackfish for the anglers that want the most of their outdoor experience, and the best way to do that is to be comfortable. We produce outdoor apparel that provides unmatched protection from rain, sun and wind.”

Get over to Blackfishgear.com, locate the dealer closest to you, and pick up the protection you need from the elements.

Blackfish Gear

About Blackfish Gear:
We created the Blackfish line of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) apparel, rain gear, and weather resistant cold weather apparel to keep anglers cool and safe in the sun, warm in the cold, and dry in the rain. Comfortable and protected in any weather, that’s the Blackfish angler.

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Dan Stefanich, 815.474.7718
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