American Tackle ReThinks Packaging

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 Jun 27th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Jun 27th, 2022 at 10:37 AM

American Tackle ReThink’s Sustainability

It’s well known in the fishing industry that American Tackle employees and their families are avid anglers, rod builders, and active users of the oceans and waterways…So it’s probably no surprise that we realize the urgency needed to Rethink our company’s packaging and shipping practices.

In our efforts to Rethink our impact, we have researched options to implement change with these goals in mind:

· Rethink and reduce single-use plastics
· Rethink and reduce waste and unnecessary landfill trash
· Rethink and utilize sustainable & earth-friendly packaging and shipping methods

Beginning in July, you will see our new packaging, packing, and shipping materials.

Please double-check your order upon opening the box and make sure your purchases are not discarded inadvertently. Keeping in mind that the new item bags look similar to the packing material.

Each bag filled with your item contents will be sealed with a bright yellow & white label which will be system generated & printed to include the Sales Order #, Item # and quantity.

We have and will continue to review all areas of our business with the pledge that we can and will do better to protect the oceans and waterways now and into the future. We realize the next generation is counting on us to do our part.

Thank you for your continued support of American Tackle, as we Rethink our impact on the world!

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