Action Alert – Minnesotans Need Relief from Confiscatory Pandemic Driven Property Tax Increases

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 Apr 20th, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

Modified Apr 20th, 2022 at 11:14 AM

Minnesotans love our waters, so when told we needed to “Stay-at-home” we went to the lake. Many sold their homes in town and moved out to a lake or a river where they could enjoy Minnesota’s magnificent outdoors while still sheltering in place.

Predictably, there was a jump in the demand for lakeshore property, then an increase in the sale price, and now, two years later, a jump in property tax assessments based on those sales.

We have seen increases as high as 110% without any improvements or changes to the property.

Use the Take Action button on tis email to contact your legislators, and urge them to work for property tax relief.

High Property Taxes on Lakeshore are Bad for Minnesota:

These increases do not reflect an increased ability to pay,
They do not reflect an increased use of services,
They are forcing the sale and subdivision of property, further distorting an already unrealistic market,
In some cases these property taxes are confiscatory, forcing families to sell properties that have been in a family for generations.

High property tax pressure on lakeshore is bad for lakes, it is bad for families and it is bad for local communities.

Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Advocates is working this legislative session for a solution for these pandemic induced property tax increases, and I am writing you today to ask you to join this effort.



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