5 Benefits Of Having A Flashlight When Fishing At Night

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 Sep 22nd, 2022 by Keith Worrall 

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5 Benefits Of Having A Flashlight When Fishing At Night

Night-fishing is an exhilarating experience for many anglers. There’s something exciting about taking your rod out at night to catch what you hope is a trophy fish.

There are many benefits to fishing at night including reduced boat traffic and the fact that it allows you to catch more fish between dawn and dusk.

Having a fishing light is vital when fishing at night. Discover 5 benefits of having a flashlight when fishing at night.

5 Benefits Of Having A Flashlight When Fishing At Night

Flashlights are helpful in many situations, especially due to the illumination it provides in times of need. Here are the top 5 reasons for having a flashlight fishing at night.

1. Helps You See The Water Clearly

Having a flashlight helps to see the water clearly, which can assist you, especially when moving around in a boat. It allows you to see what’s lurking at the water’s surface.

Therefore, you can easily move around your boat and locate areas that have a lot of fish. It also increases your chances of catching more fish.

2. Allows To Catch More Fish

The illumination of a flashlight could attract fish towards it. It allows you to catch more fish as they would all gather near the light. Fish are curious about the light surrounding the darkness and are naturally inclined toward searching for the source.

The best color light for fishing is green, especially during the night. It is because green-colored lights draw in fish, helping you catch more.

Besides, green, blue, and white colored lights are also suitable for fishing at night.

3. Helps You Stay Safe

A common use of a flashlight is that it helps keep you safe, whether on land or water. It helps you identify any dangers lurking in the water. You can also identify any intruders or strangers coming toward you.

A flashlight ensures your safety when fishing at night.

4. Helps Others To Locate You

Having a flashlight when fishing at night also helps others locate you. It’s especially useful when you’ve come fishing with a group and need to find them or allow them to locate you.

It also ensures your safety even if you get stranded in the water and want to get back to land safely.

5. Helps You Search For Something That Goes Missing

There are a few things that you need to carry along with you when going to fish at night. You’ll have a fishing rod, a few other accessories required for fishing, and your personal belongings including your mobile phone.

The chances of losing one of these things are high when you go fishing at night. A flashlight lets you easily search for something that goes missing in the dark. A bright light will help you locate even the smallest item you have.

What To Consider In A Flashlight For Fishing At Night

Choosing the right type of flashlight for night fishing is essential. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a flashlight for fishing at night.


The brightness of a flashlight is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the flashlight will be.

The vital point is that light travels differently on the water than on land. Therefore, a light that shines brightly on land may not be as bright on the water.

When deciding on the brightness of a flashlight when fishing at night, there are several factors to consider. These include the clarity of the water, whether you need to attach a hook, and the number of fish you want to catch.


Whether or not you plan to go underwater, you need a waterproof flashlight when fishing at night. You’ll be surrounded by water.

Even splashes of water can impact a flashlight that is not waterproof. A waterproof flashlight will work well even if it gets a few water splashes while you fish.

You can get a waterproof flashlight based on your requirements. Some flashlights are waterproof up to 2100 feet under the water. However, you only require such a device if you plan to go so deep.


The weight of the flashlight is also essential to consider. You’ll be carrying a flashlight along with your other fishing essentials. Therefore, you should go for a lightweight option that’s easy to carry.

You should also consider the storage space required for the flashlight. A bulky, heavy flashlight will require more storage space than a portable one.


There are many types of lights suitable for fishing at night. It all depends on your requirements. There are floating lights and submersible lights meant for fishing.

You can also opt for headlamps that will keep you hands-free. Another hands-free option is to have boat-installed lights that can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.

You can also use colored lights such as green, blue, and white, which attract fish.

Tips When Fishing At Night.

Here are a few tips to ensure your safety when fishing at night.

  • Ensure the weather conditions are fine to go fishing and adjust the light depending on the current weather.
  • Take a bright flashlight with higher lumens.
  • Take a fish finder along with you while fishing at night.
  • Pack light and remove anything that you deem is not essential.
  • Choose the right lures depending on the fish you plan to catch.

How Does Light Attract Fish?

Fishing lights are great for attracting fish. Artificial light in the midst of darkness attracts microorganisms like plankton, zooplankton, and bacteria.

Small bait fish come to feed on these followed by large bait fish like mullet, shad, shiners, and squid, based on if you’re fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

The bigger fish move on to eating the smaller fish and will remain in the darkness surrounding the light. They hide in the shadows not wanting to expose themselves to the light, to attack the small fish that come towards the light.


A flashlight is an essential item to pack in your fishing bag. There are many benefits of having a flashlight when fishing at night, especially in visibility and catching more fish.

Ensure to pack a lightweight flashlight with higher lumens. It will be easy to carry, take up less storage space, and illuminate the water and surrounding area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Flashlight Mandatory When Fishing At Night?

A flashlight is mandatory when fishing at night to ensure your safety, provide more visibility, and be able to catch more fish.

Which Color Lights Attract Fish?

Green-colored lights attract fish along with blue and white colored lights.

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