Lake Sakakawea Fishing – As Good As It Gets

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One of North America’s largest man-made reservoirs, Lake Sakakawea, can be found in the heart of North Dakota. This lake has countless miles of shoreline, it’s an adventurer’s paradise. In fact, it has more shoreline than the state of California. You can fish the entire lake throughout the year, and never fish the same spot twice. Lake Sakakawea is a deep lake, with average depths of well over 100 feet in the basin. This lake has a lot of character. The shoreline is littered with red bluffs, rolling hills, and other hints of the badlands. It’s very uninhabited and vast, so there’s plenty of room to find your own spot. And yes, Lake Sakakawea fishing is world class in numbers and size.

The great thing about Lake Sakakawea fishing is the timing in which it heats up. Normally, ice out can be as late as May. And because it’s so deep, it takes some time to warm up. So when June and July bring mid-summer patterns on most lakes; Lake Sakakawea fishing is just heating up. And best of all, the lake is very healthy right now. There is an abundance of food and no shortage of walleyes over 20 inches in length.

Lake Sakakawea has literally every type of bottom contour imaginable. It has endless points, flats, humps, islands, etc. as well as rocks, sand, gravel, mud and everything in-between. The sheer size of the lake can make it intimidating when you see it at first. This can make it impossible, at times, to determine where to start. But knowing the lake’s tendencies can help get you pointed in the right direction.

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