Ludington Area King Fishing Taking Off June 3rd

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 3 weeks ago by Keith Worrall  69

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Captain Chuck’s II Inc.

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Hey folks. The king fishing in Ludington is taking off! We were out yesterday and fished from just N of the bathhouse to straight out front of the pier heads. We were anywhere from 80-135 ft of water. Early bite was on meat rigs. Kevins Girlfriend spin dr in front of a Green Mile rig was best. Also took a few fish on Moonshine 5 Eyes RV on a 300 copper. Rigger bites came on Dreamweaver Two Face UV, DW Green Leopard, and custom Moonshine Spotted Mahi Mahi. Make sure you get stocked up on gear because there is tackle busters being caught this year!

One correction. The spoon in the video is actually a DW Two Face UV, not a Five Eyes.

Tight lines,

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