Lake of the Woods MN Fishing Report

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 Dec 27th, 2018 by sworrall 

Modified Dec 27th, 2018 at 9:35 AM

On the main basin:
Ice ranges from 12-16″ where resorts are fishing. Great week of ice fishing. Fish continue to slide a bit deeper with most anglers focused on 25-31′ of water. During the morning and evenings, shallow water bite in 13-18′. This past week walleyes being caught at night. Electronics have been very helpful with suspended fish. Resorts have trails marked for ATV, UTV, snowmobiles with anticipation of some resorts opening ice roads after Christmas. Gold and glow red continue to be hot colors.
Snowmobile trails on lake staked from south shore up to NW angle. Please stay on marked trails, don’t go off on your own and exercise safety precautions as ice conditions vary.

On the Rainy River:
Stretches of the river and bay have unsafe ice due to heavier than normal current. Early and late in the day some walleye action in Four Mile Bay. Reports of pike still coming from bays.

Up at the NW Angle

Ice road is open from Young’s Bay to Flag Island, no further as of yet. Other areas still need more time/ice before vehicle traffic is allowed. Snowmobile trails from south shore across the lake to Angle are marked and are open. Stay on the trail for safety! As always, neck down and other areas with current are iffy. Excellent fishing with good numbers of walleyes being caught. Good crappie reports from Ontario side. Work through resorts and stay on staked resort ice trails. Safety first.
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