How Vegetables Can Help You Beat Back Pain and Inflammation

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 Nov 15th, 2019 by Keith Worrall 

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How Vegetables Can Help You Beat Back Pain and Inflammation

If you have clicked on this page searching for whether there are vegetables that fight off inflammation such as back pain, you are about to get some good news. You can eat your inflammation away with healthy foods and a highly beneficial vegetable-heavy diet.

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Here are some of the best vegetables that help you win the fight against back pain and inflammation.

Can What I Eat Contribute to My Back Pain?

If you get back pain after eating a specific food or meal, this is often the result of something called referred pain. This occurs when the pain originates in a different part of the body and then radiates to another. Several health problems that can cause pain after eating, and you would need to keep a food diary to discover what your triggers were


What you eat can contribute to certain areas in the body becoming inflamed, and this, in turn, can permeate to the back and spine. Just as many foods have been linked to a reduction in back pain, so have many more been discovered to increase it. If left unchecked, inflammation will often spread to other areas in the body and it can feel as though it is that body part that is being targeted with pain. This means that the original primary cause of the pain can go undiagnosed for many years, and continue to exacerbate the discomfort in other areas.

How Can I Fix Back Pain with Vegetables?

By creating an anti-inflammatory eating plan – one that includes the right vegetables – it helps the body maintain optimum health which results in better back pain management. You can eat veggies as part of a plant-based diet and this will fight back pain and inflammation. Chia seeds and flax seeds have both been shown to help the onset of pain and discomfort. The seeds are doubly effective when consumed in combination with healthy
omega-3 rich fish:

* Salmon
* Mackerel
* Trout
* Tuna
* Sardines
* Black cod

You can also go fishing if it’s possible, it’s a great way to make things even more exciting for the whole family.

If you want to add anti-inflammatory vegetables and fruits to this combination, a great way of knowing which ones are best to include in your eating plan are the deeply colored produce found in backyard gardens and the grocery section of your local farmers’ market. Any plant from the pulses, seed, nut, and fruit food groups is guaranteed to help your body fight off inflammation.

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